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  • Prix 2 000 $
  • Localisation annonceAgege


The ASGARDmint PROFESSIONAL is a special model developed for large miners and crypto-currency farms.
Type: SHA256
Hash rate: 276,5 Th/s
Power Consumption: 14 220 Wh
Each chip 10 nm ASG 1777 has a capacity of 120 GH.
There are 48 boards inside the miner. There are 48 chips on each board. Total 2304 chips in the miner. Each board is capable of running autonomously.
Can work in any SHA256 pool. Asicboost support is not required.56 high-speed cooling fans (80x80 mm) are running at top-speed to provide adequate cooling for the
Power supply is built-in and have 2 it's own cooling fans.
To display system errors, a system with LEDs (one LED per board) is used.
Guarantee for 1 year.
*Only by prior arrangement. Production time 10-12 working days.

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